70% tried to cut a bit mobile/desktop time (US & UK)

detox – full cut out;
diet – usage reduction:

  • 37% deleted an app in last month
  • 35% started getting breaks
  • 27% limited selfs to use basic apps only (mail, sms)
  • 24% turned off notifications/mail checking
  • 23% stopped keeping phone in bedroom


by Motorola:

  • 33% prioritize their smartphone over engaging with people
  • 53% is describing their phone as a best friend
  • 61% wants to get the most out of their phone when they are on it, and the most out of life when they are not
  • 49% check their phone more often than they would like (for Gen Z & Millenials almost 60%)
  • 35% agree that they are spending too much time using their smartphone (Gen Z 44%)
  • 65% admit that panics when discover they lost smartphone