86.7% of polish houses have Internet access (+2.5% YoY), largely through mobile:

houses, from top: with/without kids, big cities, smaller cities, rural areas, high/medium/low urbanisation

why some people don’t want Internet access:

from top: no need, no skills, expensive equipment, expensive access, don’t like Internet

polish specific: e- & m-commerce rainsing fast – 1 out of 4 orders made on mobile, average order value: 148 PLN Android, 211 PLN iOS, number of packages sent raised 75% in last 4 years, will raise 100% in next 5 years (forecast)

right column – average order value

another source – about 1 out of 4 orders made on mobile, but started 1 out of 3

some shopping categories more popular on mobile

from top: collections and art, electronics, culture and entertainment, food, cleaning supplies and animal food, house and garden, moto, sport and tourism, beauty and health, fashion, kids

96% of Poles protect their smartphones (cases, screen films, etc.), probably because almost every second at least once damaged their device. 82% of repairs during the holiday season are broken screen, 9% flooding

green: price of most expensive model of iPhone that year, red: price of screen for this device