impressive adoption of subsequent versions of iOS one year after the release

and Google has been publishing monthly summaries since the beginning of Android, but he was probably ashamed of this adoption and in May this year released the last statistics update

popular video service comes to the rescue and presents the current distribution of Android among its users

thanks pornhub!

polish specific: e- & m-commerce rainsing fast – 1 out of 4 orders made on mobile, average order value: 148 PLN Android, 211 PLN iOS, number of packages sent raised 75% in last 4 years, will raise 100% in next 5 years (forecast)

right column – average order value

another source – about 1 out of 4 orders made on mobile, but started 1 out of 3

some shopping categories more popular on mobile

from top: collections and art, electronics, culture and entertainment, food, cleaning supplies and animal food, house and garden, moto, sport and tourism, beauty and health, fashion, kids