polish gov says:
– 84% is using Internet
– 86% of them is using mobile
– 89% thinks that Internet makes life easier, but 77% thinks it is also a time devourer

first-choice devices for accessing Internet: smartphone, laptop, PC tablet, tv


time spent, from 15 min to >8 (multiscreen included), NDT – not applicable


from top: mobile Internet, mobile/stationary, cable
legend: yes often, yes sometimes, no, dunno

most popular app types:

from top: communication, related with location, video, social, weather, mail, shopping, news, banking

popular features:

from top: internet, data trasfer, notifications, location, auto-update, cloud services, pedometer

4 years diff in media usage (Poland)

from top: traditional TV, (paper) press, traditional radio, mobile internet in smartphone, internet in tablet, smart TV internet, internet in gaming console

internet activities

from top: e-mail, video (movies, shows), shopping, banking, news, short video, social, comparing prices, music online, communicator, reading about products and services, gaming, forum, blog, food ordering