some shopping-on-mobile related stats from Poland

top left: devices used to access internet, in order: smarthpone, tablet, desktop, laptop, smart TV, other (dark green – seniors, light green – all)

bottom left: which age is shopping on mobile most oftenly

bottom center: which kinds of apps do you use, in order: free downloaded, installed on start, paid downloaded, dunno, not using apps at all

vertical left: how we pay for e-shopping, from top: fast transfer, native mobile payment, traditional transfer, when package arrive, credit card online, cash, credit card when package arrive

almost half od polish online buyers picks always “pay to courier” payment option

always pays with cash, online payment – looks for logo of own bank, makes manual online payment without mediator service, checks destination account number, looks for know mediator service logo, pays using mobile

57% Poles are shopping, 41% uses mobile banking – both on desktop. 21% is using mobile for shopping, 20% is using PCs. 37% is using bank app

left – e-shopping advantages: available 24/7, no need to drive to physical store, unlimited time for pick, ease of comparing, more products/choices, better prices, easier to find occasion

right – what encourages to shopping more often: lower delivery prices, lower prices than in traditional stores, promos, discount codes/coupons, better products photos, more detailed descriptions, faster delivery, option to see live products before buying