The most popular payment method in 2030 will be:

from left: mobile, payment cards, cash

40% convenience
34% reduction of financial crimes and “shadow economy”
36% social exclusion
21% data protection problems and the vulnerability of the centralized economy

survey among 129 people representing financial institutions, technology suppliers and thematically related experts from around the world (Sibos conference in London)

banking in Poland – about quater of Poles use mobile banking and payments

20% more mobile users YoY

60% more mobile only users

52.5% of all mobile use app, year ago was about 40%

850k payment terminals in Poland, 100 (one hundred) NOT supporting near field payments (cards, devices)

some shopping-on-mobile related stats from Poland

top left: devices used to access internet, in order: smarthpone, tablet, desktop, laptop, smart TV, other (dark green – seniors, light green – all)

bottom left: which age is shopping on mobile most oftenly

bottom center: which kinds of apps do you use, in order: free downloaded, installed on start, paid downloaded, dunno, not using apps at all

vertical left: how we pay for e-shopping, from top: fast transfer, native mobile payment, traditional transfer, when package arrive, credit card online, cash, credit card when package arrive

almost half od polish online buyers picks always “pay to courier” payment option

always pays with cash, online payment – looks for logo of own bank, makes manual online payment without mediator service, checks destination account number, looks for know mediator service logo, pays using mobile