smartphone activities, mainly in Poland

activities: calling, SMS, MMS, taking photos, messaging apps, social

outer circle Poland, inner average, countries below Czech, Greece, Finland, Serbia, Hungary


social, SMS, taking photos


outer circle gen Z, inner gen Y

activities: calling, SMS, taking photos, social, entertainment (music, movies, books), games

from 2013 (USA), sad…

and from UK:

• 62% of women, and 48% of men said they interrupted sex to check their mobile phone
• 34% answered a phone call
• 24% read/replied to a text message
• 22% read/replied to an email
• 12% made a phone call
• 4% checked/updated social media profile pages (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram)
• 34% said their partners ‘didn’t mind’ when they checked their phones