smart home is rising in Poland (15% never heard about smart features)

bottom right – associations: remote, modern, electronic, automatic, energy saving, monitoring, functional, innovative, safe

IoT in Poland

do you use smart home solutions?

nope, but I know about them; yes; no, I didn’t know about them


which smart devices are used at home? (multiple choice)

heat control, alarm, sensors, light control, garage door control, cameras, electric sockets energy cut, intercom, air filter, door locker, air conditioner, weather station

survey in Poland

three most popular mobile actions:

  • 75.5% visits web sites
  • 63.4% sends/receives emails
  • >60% logs to social media

IoT related:

  • 23% heard about Internet of Things
  • ~10% uses IoT devices consciously
  • 27% is planning to buy IoT device
  • >35% meet up with Smart Home concept
  • ~5% uses
  • 23.5% is using smart sensors (temperature, humidity etc.)
  • 16.8% of IoT users use smart light
  • 23% meet up with smart car

some polish specifications

internet usage, in order: web, email, social, apps, communication, radio/music, shopping, games, videos, getting done official matters, selling, other, dunno

68.5% knows LTE, 73,1% using. right: LTE share by device type and quality rating by users

22.7% met IoT, 27.2% concidering using. 72.5% use at home, 25.8% at work

left: type of IoT device/service in use, right: want to use. vertical: smart tv, GPS, wearables,  road notifications, self-care, smart car, smart home, smart electricity meter