82.5% of polish internet users may use “second screen” during watching TV (77%% in 2017)

which devices you are using when you are watching TV?

most common, from top: e-mail check, communication, social, news, games

are you using both devices in pair simultaneously?

adblocks state in Poland (suspiciously high values…) – 8.8 mln of Poles are using (+17% in 2017)

over 90% on desktop, 30% on mobile?!

how do you react on a prompt with “please turn off adblock”. from top:¬†resigns from watching; sometimes resigns, sometimes disabling adblock; watching site with blocked ads; disabling adblock

do you want to install adblock? (Internet users which are not using adblock currently)

Mastercard insights in Poland

68% is buying through mobile “at least occasionally”, 25% of goods bought through mobile

38% of consumers will buy significant part of Christmas presents through mobile. 63% says thats this is fastest method

49% is buying presents between 12:00-17:00, 40% between 12:00-17:00, at home on the couch (82%)

most popular shopping categories: wear, tickets, books, electronics, cosmetics, public transport tickets, food/drink, parking fee
on the right: most in Europe

7% of women don’t know what they bought through mobile past year

electronics, shoes/wear, books, sports equipment, services, food, household goods, cosmetics, subscriptions, stuff for kids, medicines/drugs, games, furniture, don’t know/hard to say