73% of Poles are using smartphones in toilet. during that:

most to least: social, news, games, calling & messaging, “business tools” like mail, communicator etc., video, shopping, music/podcasts, day planning, other

78% of Poles are using smartphones, almost 20% old-fashioned phones, less that 3% both

70% has subscription plan, 26% on pre-paid

how smartphones are used

from top: web browsing, communication, social, mail, apps, shopping, radio/music, gov stuff, video/vod, sharing own content, games, sales

how Poles are using their smartphones

in %, from top: calling, SMS/MMS, web, social, photos, communication, banking, shopping online, music, navigation, games, video

comparing 2015 vs 2020: +229% more users are checking their bank accounts, +430% more shoppers online, +299% online offers/shops watchers

“digital native” teenagers in Poland really likes mobile

percent of teenagers, which is using listed type devices everyday

countries by color (top right): Poland, USA, GB, Spain, Turkey, Brasil
under chart, from left: smartphone, PC, laptop, smart TV, gaming console, tablet, portable gaming console

most popular app categories

games, music and sound, social, communication, entertainment, movies/series, shopping, education, photography, books, transport, finances