“digital native” teenagers in Poland really likes mobile

percent of teenagers, which is using listed type devices everyday

countries by color (top right): Poland, USA, GB, Spain, Turkey, Brasil
under chart, from left: smartphone, PC, laptop, smart TV, gaming console, tablet, portable gaming console

most popular app categories

games, music and sound, social, communication, entertainment, movies/series, shopping, education, photography, books, transport, finances

polish specific: e- & m-commerce rainsing fast – 1 out of 4 orders made on mobile, average order value: 148 PLN Android, 211 PLN iOS, number of packages sent raised 75% in last 4 years, will raise 100% in next 5 years (forecast)

right column – average order value

another source – about 1 out of 4 orders made on mobile, but started 1 out of 3

some shopping categories more popular on mobile

from top: collections and art, electronics, culture and entertainment, food, cleaning supplies and animal food, house and garden, moto, sport and tourism, beauty and health, fashion, kids

mobile shopping categories in Poland (% of mobile users which used their mobile for shopping or just looking for/reading about products)

from top: clothes/shoes/accessories, rtv/agd/electronic, sport, beauty/cosmetics, travel/holiday, house, moto, health/drugs/diet suplements, for kids, apps, games/entertainment, everyday shopping/food

version from last year:

polish gov says:
– 84% is using Internet
– 86% of them is using mobile
– 89% thinks that Internet makes life easier, but 77% thinks it is also a time devourer

first-choice devices for accessing Internet: smartphone, laptop, PC tablet, tv


time spent, from 15 min to >8 (multiscreen included), NDT – not applicable


from top: mobile Internet, mobile/stationary, cable
legend: yes often, yes sometimes, no, dunno

most popular app types:

from top: communication, related with location, video, social, weather, mail, shopping, news, banking

popular features:

from top: internet, data trasfer, notifications, location, auto-update, cloud services, pedometer

4 years diff in media usage (Poland)

from top: traditional TV, (paper) press, traditional radio, mobile internet in smartphone, internet in tablet, smart TV internet, internet in gaming console

internet activities

from top: e-mail, video (movies, shows), shopping, banking, news, short video, social, comparing prices, music online, communicator, reading about products and services, gaming, forum, blog, food ordering


teenagers in Poland

how long have you use internet daily?

from top: 8h+, 6-8h, 4-6h, 2-4h, 1-2h, 15m-1h, <15m, few times a week, few times a month, few times a year

which devices are you using for Internet access

from top: smartphone, laptop, PC, TV, tablet, gaming console, other

activities in Internet (not only mobile)

from top: music, movies and tv series, chat/communication, social, homework, games online, knowledge/hobby, online shopping, preparing for school exams, news, e-mail, preparing for school lessons, creating graphics/music/video, forum, blog/fanpage, communication with teachers, official matters, other, e-learning