96% of Poles protect their smartphones (cases, screen films, etc.), probably because almost every second at least once damaged their device. 82% of repairs during the holiday season are broken screen, 9% flooding

green: price of most expensive model of iPhone that year, red: price of screen for this device

since iPhone 8 all Apples smartphones have fast charge feature, but inside box you will find only simple 5W charger. manufacturer could add 12W, which cost exacly same price (19$) in official store and is charging about 30% faster, but choosed not to counting on bigger fast charge version (30W, 49$) sales. and don’t forget do add extra USB-C cable to basket (19$), as fast charger doesn’t include any…
(in iPhone box you will find USB to lightning cable, which fits to 5W charger, but not to fast charger with USB-C output)