Ericsson says that roughly half of mobile users experience network slowdowns in crowded places

5G should derive new apps and services, no only net speed up

360-degree cameras as most expected feature

rising video consumption on 5G

some forecast

polish gov says:
– 84% is using Internet
– 86% of them is using mobile
– 89% thinks that Internet makes life easier, but 77% thinks it is also a time devourer

first-choice devices for accessing Internet: smartphone, laptop, PC tablet, tv


time spent, from 15 min to >8 (multiscreen included), NDT – not applicable


from top: mobile Internet, mobile/stationary, cable
legend: yes often, yes sometimes, no, dunno

most popular app types:

from top: communication, related with location, video, social, weather, mail, shopping, news, banking

popular features:

from top: internet, data trasfer, notifications, location, auto-update, cloud services, pedometer

some mobile growths

number of devices


mobile speed (+5G forecast)


some specific for Poland:

  • 87% of population will use mobile devices in 2022 (85% in 2017)
  • average device number per user: 1.4 in 2017, 2.2 in 2022
  • in 2022 average mobile speed will be around 33.3 Mbps., which is 3x more than in 2017 (11.3 Mbps)
  • in 2022 average users traffic 16 GB, in 2017 it was 3.7 GB.
  • till 2022 59% of traffic through Wi-Fi, 19% wired, 22% mobile
  • Wi-Fi hotspots count increase from 4 mln in 2017 to 7 mln in 2022

cybersecurity in Poland – some Internet/desktop/mobile stats

82% of Poles uses Internet everyday, av. 5h 55m (mobile ~3h), including: >3h on video/live, 1h 42m social, >40m music

55% keeps “most important data” on mobile, while only 6% is securing device (antivirus, proxy, vpn etc.)

business/company devices are oftenly used as private and borrowed

not all companies fitted to GDPR (EU)

polish Electronic Communications Departament (gov unit) sums up 2018

top, from left: mobile, landline, internet, none
bottom, Internet source details: mobile on phone, cable, mobile non-phone

which kind of phone do you use?answers: smartphone, classic, both

when you can connect to WiFi – do you prefer to connect or to stay “at own Internet” (e.g. LTE)? answers from top: WiFi; at home/work WiFi, in public places at own; own Internet

online services usage

from top: www, social, communication, email, apps, radio/music, games, banking, video, sharing data, shopping, selling, official/gov matters
legend, from left: everyday, few times a week, few times a month, few times in half of year, few times in a whole year, rarely, dunno

everyone wants privacy, but only few people acts

left top: do online privacy matters to you? yes/no/hard to say
left bottom: do you use any soultions for increasing online privacy? yes/no/hard to say
right: which solutions do you use? proxy, VPN, tor, other, dunno

83% of polish Internet users is watching video online at least once a week, 40% everyday/almost everyday. most popular are videos <20 min

about 23% is watching video about news at least once a week (TV users: 61%)