polish gov says:
– 84% is using Internet
– 86% of them is using mobile
– 89% thinks that Internet makes life easier, but 77% thinks it is also a time devourer

first-choice devices for accessing Internet: smartphone, laptop, PC tablet, tv


time spent, from 15 min to >8 (multiscreen included), NDT – not applicable


from top: mobile Internet, mobile/stationary, cable
legend: yes often, yes sometimes, no, dunno

most popular app types:

from top: communication, related with location, video, social, weather, mail, shopping, news, banking

popular features:

from top: internet, data trasfer, notifications, location, auto-update, cloud services, pedometer

some mobile growths

number of devices


mobile speed (+5G forecast)


some specific for Poland:

  • 87% of population will use mobile devices in 2022 (85% in 2017)
  • average device number per user: 1.4 in 2017, 2.2 in 2022
  • in 2022 average mobile speed will be around 33.3 Mbps., which is 3x more than in 2017 (11.3 Mbps)
  • in 2022 average users traffic 16 GB, in 2017 it was 3.7 GB.
  • till 2022 59% of traffic through Wi-Fi, 19% wired, 22% mobile
  • Wi-Fi hotspots count increase from 4 mln in 2017 to 7 mln in 2022

cybersecurity in Poland – some Internet/desktop/mobile stats

82% of Poles uses Internet everyday, av. 5h 55m (mobile ~3h), including: >3h on video/live, 1h 42m social, >40m music

55% keeps “most important data” on mobile, while only 6% is securing device (antivirus, proxy, vpn etc.)

business/company devices are oftenly used as private and borrowed

not all companies fitted to GDPR (EU)

polish Electronic Communications Departament (gov unit) sums up 2018

top, from left: mobile, landline, internet, none
bottom, Internet source details: mobile on phone, cable, mobile non-phone

which kind of phone do you use?answers: smartphone, classic, both

when you can connect to WiFi – do you prefer to connect or to stay “at own Internet” (e.g. LTE)? answers from top: WiFi; at home/work WiFi, in public places at own; own Internet

online services usage

from top: www, social, communication, email, apps, radio/music, games, banking, video, sharing data, shopping, selling, official/gov matters
legend, from left: everyday, few times a week, few times a month, few times in half of year, few times in a whole year, rarely, dunno

everyone wants privacy, but only few people acts

left top: do online privacy matters to you? yes/no/hard to say
left bottom: do you use any soultions for increasing online privacy? yes/no/hard to say
right: which solutions do you use? proxy, VPN, tor, other, dunno

83% of polish Internet users is watching video online at least once a week, 40% everyday/almost everyday. most popular are videos <20 min

about 23% is watching video about news at least once a week (TV users: 61%)

2014 vs 2017 in Poland

percent of users watching video on smartphones

percent of users banking (top) and shopping (bottom) on smartphones

percent of internet users using smartphones and tablets

online activities on smartphones from top: map/navi, apps, mail, social, news, search, music, banking, video, docs reading, games, shopping