smart home is rising in Poland (15% never heard about smart features)

bottom right – associations: remote, modern, electronic, automatic, energy saving, monitoring, functional, innovative, safe

41% of Poles were using shopping apps in march, 41% in december last year. these are being opened more frequently – 56x in january and 85x in march (50%+ in three months)

most of apps are losing 70-80% of users in 60 days since installation (during marketing campaign)

63% of users install app after dwelling or recomendation in app store

most popular shopping apps in Poland

IoT in Poland

do you use smart home solutions?

nope, but I know about them; yes; no, I didn’t know about them


which smart devices are used at home? (multiple choice)

heat control, alarm, sensors, light control, garage door control, cameras, electric sockets energy cut, intercom, air filter, door locker, air conditioner, weather station