adblocks state in Poland (suspiciously high values…) – 8.8 mln of Poles are using (+17% in 2017)

over 90% on desktop, 30% on mobile?!

how do you react on a prompt with “please turn off adblock”. from top:┬áresigns from watching; sometimes resigns, sometimes disabling adblock; watching site with blocked ads; disabling adblock

do you want to install adblock? (Internet users which are not using adblock currently)

ads in Poland

gray – tv, lt blue – internet, dk blue – other media

spent on ads (gray – historic, blue – forecast)

dynamic of growth in 1H18

54% bought smth in Internet in 2017, 70% will in 2020

three first places where users starts looking for products (Allegro is local eBay)

spent on programmatic ad in european countries

growth and dynamic of programmatic ad market in Poland

average growth in Europe

openess to ads in correlation with characteristics (which features make you feel more positive about ad)

is fun, fun music, interesting story, shows internet/social celebrity, special effects used, famous person, AR